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Welcome to Tryon Farm Institute online, a web site that we hope you will find useful as one way to learnand exchange viewsabout conservation of the natural environment and balanced land development that combines conservation, farming and housing.

You are invited to browse this site and contribute to it.

Saying what we mean / meaning what we say

The term "sustainable development" is widely used by architects, planners, environmentalists and home owners in connection with new housing complexes, but is there a common definition of the term? Here is one definition of "sustainable development":

"Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."

Send your favorite definition of the term to our webmaster. Please provide attribution to other sources where appropriate.

Call for content, photos, and volunteers

This web site will always be a work-in-progress. To make it interestingand to achieve our educational goalswe need articles, poems, photographs, editors, artists, designers, and database managers. Since the Institute's theme is "working with nature," contributions should make some connections with people working with the land to provide needed housing while protecting and respecting the environment. Our first contributed photographs can be found here.

We intend to provide maps, diagrams, and technical specifications for some of the features found on the land to be administered by the Instiute. But we also need information about other developments that have demonstrated successful ways to accommodate the housing needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations to meet their needs.

Here are some projects that might contribute to an interesting web site:

  • document in words and pictures the new constructed wastewater wetland being installed at Tryon Farm;
  • list and provide pictures of non-native plants that are considered problematic;
  • report on the processes used at Tryon Farm to obtain official certification that the land is organic;
  • reviews of books about the environment you found especially informative or interesting; and
  • links to other web sites with helpful information.

The Institute Board has asked me to serve as webmaster and to coordinate volunteers working on this site. Please don't let any technical details stand in the way of your contributing to the web site in creative ways. For information, please contact:

J. David Coldren
Vice President
Tryon Farm Institute, Inc.

(219) 871-0777

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Tryon Farm Institute, Inc. is a nonprofit organization chartered by the State of Indiana.

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